Government Incentives for Business Growth

Even successful businesses are finding it difficult to grow due to a lack of funding in the current economic climate. Many businesses are not aware of the array of finance options available to them other than the high street banks, angel investors; invoice finance or asset based lending.  Knowing how to pitch for investment is becoming increasingly important to make businesses become attractive to potential funders.

Business Development

Businesses need to have a vision of exactly where they want to be and how they are going to get there. Having a vision with a clear plan and structure allows for businesses to identify and exploit new opportunities for business growth.   More efficient sales and marketing strategies can be one way to improve the performance and growth of a business.

Leadership and Management

A great leader or management team who have the ability to empower the people around them can make a business thrive.  Investing in a management team could be a business’s greatest asset as people buy from people. Every manager has a different management and leadership style and these should be utilised to develop a highly motivated and efficient team.

Eligibility and suitability

Most businesses are eligible for government subsidised incentives if they have the ambition, opportunity or capacity for high growth.  Start-ups, Sole traders, Partnerships and Limited companies can benefit from these incentives if they have fewer than 250 employees and have a turnover less than £40m per annum.

The incentives include Access to Finance, Business Development or Growth through Innovation supported by coaching, workshops and master classes.

Leonherman work with government backed services covering all aspects of business growth, which also provide matched funding of up to £2,000.

At Leonherman we offer business planning and financial forecasting services for businesses that are looking towards the future and want to see how they can grow and develop.

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