We are PAYE RTI ready are you?


HMRC is introducing a new way of reporting PAYE which is called Real Time Information or RTI. From 6th April 2013, employers will be legally required to report PAYE in real time.

Instead of sending all PAYE details in one go at the end of the tax year, as we do now, it will need to be done online every time a payment is made, at the time it is made.

PAYE itself will not change, it is just the way and how often you send the PAYE information to HMRC.

The Leonherman payroll team already has the systems in place to make the process run automatically for you, leaving you to concentrate on growing and building your business with peace of mind that your payroll issues are taken care of.

To find out how these changes will affect your business get in touch with our payroll team call 0161 249 5040