PAYE RTI – 2 months on

2 months into the initial 5 month pilot scheme, how are the changes in reporting PAYE affecting you?

Although RTI will be compulsory by 5th October 2013, it is open to employers to join the scheme at any time from now onwards. In most cases, there is little to be gained by the delay and for many of our payroll clients we have already suggested that they become early adopters. This way, they will have the system working properly well in advance of it becoming compulsory.

Most affected businesses:

  • Where you pay people on a daily basis (e.g. some pubs or similar) but run your payroll monthly
  • Where you have a pool of frequently changing casual staff
  • Where you are not always able to pay your PAYE as it falls due
  • Where you do not yet have access to electronic payroll software or the internet

Studies by the Forum of Private Business and other small business organisations continue to show a mixed pattern about the state of readiness for RTI. Almost one in five of the FPB sample classified themselves as “not prepared” and an additional 30% did not know if their existing payroll system could cope.

Are you one of them?

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