New HMRC helplines

HM Revenue & Custom’s Field Force collectors make visits to those who have unpaid tax or tax credit over payments. HMRC is aware that people may be concerned when faced with an unknown caller on the doorstep. Therefore to provide a safeguard against bogus callers in these situations, HMRC has introduced a new Field Force Verification Helpline, available now to anyone who is visited by HMRC – Debt Management & Banking (DBM) field force collectors.

If you do receive a visit you can call the new DBM Field Force Verification Helpline on 0300 200 3862, to check that the person on your doorstep is a genuine HMRC collector. You will be asked to provide the ID number on the collector’s photo card.

You should be aware that if you are visited by HMRC’s Field Force officers you are not obliged to let the officers enter your own home or business premises unless the officers have a warrant.

Later this year, collectors will benefit from the rollout of multi-functional tablet devices, which will provide direct access to debt management records ensuring that the collector has the history of a case prior to a call, and is able to record in ‘real time’ the outcome of their visit.

More details can be found at New safeguards for debt collection visits and Debt Collection – Verification of HMRC Field Force Staff Identity.

If you have any concerns or questions about these visits feel free to contact our Tax Team on 0161 249 5040