The Leonherman Charity for 2014

Wood St Mission




Leonherman has selected the Wood Street Mission in Manchester, a charity helping alleviate the affects of poverty on local children and their families.

All the families they support live throughout the wards of Manchester and Salford. The vast majority of families they help are born in Manchester and Salford. Sadly many of them are supported for many years as they may not have the life skills to enable them to lift themselves out of the poverty trap.

Some families however require help only once until they can get back on their feet and become self sufficient once again. These may include families fleeing domestic violence for example or they may have suffered a house fire and so just need a helping hand at that particular moment.

We have made a donation instead of sending Christmas cards, we will keep you up to date with our fund raising plans throughout 2014.

You can see all the hard work they do and donate by taking a look here –