How to ensure your accountant works for you

Viewing your accountant as just an accountant

A good accountant will offer you the services you need to be compliant but a great accountant will proactively offer you support to develop and grow.  Accountants have a wealth of business experience that businesses should take advantage of.

Poor record keeping

Poor bookkeeping and internal accounting systems can lead to your accountant charging more because they have spent more time than previous years correcting mistakes which were caused by internal errors.  Many great accountancy practices will offer training to support your internal accounting systems helping to cut the cost and time taken to complete your accounts.

Looking at the past rather than the future

Most companies use their accountant for the sole purpose of providing historical accounts with a ‘true and fair’ view.  However, a great accountant will use this information to look forward to the future and turn your focus to where you would like your business to develop.

Understand the value added services

Countless accountants focus on the basic legal compliances that every business has to adhere too.  Great accountant’s offer added value services which are much more than mere compliance such as flagging up new business opportunities and informing you of tax breaks that could help your business.

Picking a firm too big for you

Several big name firms have a presence up and down the country; however they struggle to offer one to one contact, meaning you could deal with a different person every time you contact them.  If your accountant doesn’t understand you and your business they can’t help you in achieving your business goals.

Picking a firm too small for you

Small firms can be great for start-ups and smaller businesses but as your business grows and develops it will require more services some of which a small firm won’t be able to offer.  You may require the services of a firm who are experts in your sector or a firm who has a proven track record of helping businesses to change and grow.

Not having a clear growth plan

It is essential for every viable business to have a clear financial plan so if your business falls on challenging times you already have a solid financial framework to guide you through.   A great accountant will support you and offer proactive advice to encourage the development of your growth plan.

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