Protecting you against HM Revenue & Customs investigations

HM Revenue & Customs are more determined than ever to increase the tax revenue from tax payers. New powers allow HMRC to demand records without issuing a formal notice and even if you are found to owe no tax at all, you will still have to pay professional fees incurred for handling the case.

Leonherman operate a fee protection scheme to insure any professional fees are covered in relation to investigations by HMRC.

Our fee protection scheme is provided by CCH Premier Protection, we have found that this product meets the demands and needs of our clients who wish to protect themselves from the financial burden of a tax investigation.

We consider CCH to be good value for money, with the level of cover, terms and conditions provided, being appropriate for all our clients.  We will always strive to negotiate better terms with CCH and the cover continues not only to provide access to a business support helpline but now not only includes the director’s returns but their spouses as well.

If you have any queries regarding HMRC protection and how it can benefit you, please do not hesitate to get in touch or call 0161 249 5040.