The Basics of Flexible Working Hours

With effect from 30 June 2014, all employees who have worked for the same company for at least 26 weeks are eligible to make a ‘statutory application’ to request flexible working hours.  An employee can only make one request for flexible working hours during each year.

Employers are required to deal with all requests in a ‘reasonable manner’.  ACAS have published a Code of Practice for handling requests Here.  It is important to remember that an employee can take an employer to an Employment Tribunal if a request isn’t handled in a reasonable manner.  If an employer has a good business reason they can refuse an application.

There are several different types of flexible working hours that an employee can request such as:-

–          Job sharing – sharing the hours of 1 job between 2 people

–          Working from home – working from anywhere else other than the place of work

–          Part time – Working less than full time hours

–          Compressed hours – working full time hours over less days

–          Flexitime – employee chooses their start and end of day but work certain core hours every day.

–          Annualised hours – employee has to work a certain amount of hours over the year but have flexibility                     about when they work

–          Staggered hours – employees have different start and finish times

Employers should consider both the advantages and disadvantages of each employee’s request before making a final decision.

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