Small & Mighty

The UK has become a nation of micro businesses, according to a report by insurance group RSA.

The number of businesses with between 0 and 9 employees has increased by 1.4 million since 2000, a rise of 43%. This trend has been driven by the increase in zero employee businesses; the number of businesses with 0 employees increased by 21.4% and accounted for 75.3% of all micro businesses.

In comparison, the number of firms with 1 employee fell by 17.4% and businesses with 2-4 employees declined by 2.3% in the same period.

Growing pains

However the same research found that businesses of all sizes are having trouble growing. For example, between 2008 and 2011, 16.5% of medium-sized firms were reclassified as small businesses but only 3.6% went in the other direction and became a large business.


Those surveyed came back with the following reasons as to what the biggest barriers to growth are:

  • The tax system (44%)
  • Lack of bank lending (38%)
  • Cost of running a business (36%)
  • Red tape (36%)
  • Cash flow problems from late payments (35%)

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