HMRC told to increase Tax investigations

Today it has been announced that the Public Accounts Committee has criticised HMRC for its “expectantly slow” actions against tax avoiders. Margaret Hodge, chair of the committee, said the inaction was putting tax revenues at risk: “HMRC must do more, faster.”

The committee has asked that HMRC use the new powers they were granted by the government to tackle tax avoidance.

A HMRC spokesman said: “The committee recognises we have addressed their key comments about tax avoidance. The way we now work makes it clear to promoters and users of schemes that we will robustly tackle tax avoidance wherever it happens so increasingly taxpayers are contacting us to help disentangle them from schemes that simply do not work.”

He said HMRC was challenging multi-nationals and had brought in £31bn from large businesses since 2010.

Leonherman operate a fee protection scheme to insure any professional fees are covered in relation to investigations by HMRC.

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