Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Growth Hub

Your business has been going well and you’ve decided it is time to take it to the next level. But before you do anything, make sure you are truly ready to scale up and are not running before you can walk.  You will need to ask yourself is the demand for your product enough to sustain growth? You need to assess where the growth will come from – will it be from new customers, new sectors or new markets?

Planning is central to success, having a vision of where you want to get to will make you think ahead, and not just focus on tomorrow. There will be twists and turns along the way and you will need to be flexible to deal with these. Without long-term goals and visions to work towards, your company simply won’t be scalable.

But remember no plan, no matter how organized or how intricate, is going to work if you don’t believe in yourself, in your purpose or in your company. Trust your instincts and use your entrepreneurial skills to move your small business in the right direction.

It can be difficult to scale up without extra finance, so it is vital you spend time analysing your business, seeing what you do well but more importantly where you need to improve. Certain inefficiencies you may get away with in the early stages of your business, but if you are serious about growing and scaling up, these issues will have to be ironed out. Sometimes the key to scaling up can be scaling down, making sure you do things as well and as efficiently as possible.

If you decide you need extra finance there are plenty of options out there. We will be covering what these are at our upcoming breakfast seminar with the Business Growth Hub “Taking your business to the next level” on Wednesday 8th July at Hello Works (the old Granada studios) in Manchester.

Get in touch to book yourself on this event or call 0161 249 5040