New rules for shoppers

Carrier bags

Did you know that you will be charged 5p for your plastic shopping bag?

From Monday 5th October this new legislation will be in force, it is designed to reduce the number of plastic bags littering streets or ending up in landfill sites.

It means supermarkets and other big retailers in England are required to charge shoppers 5p for every plastic carrier bag they hand out.

The legislation is intended to cut back on the estimated 8 billion single-use carrier bags used across the UK each year. That works out at nearly 130 bags per person and is the equivalent of 57,000 tonnes of plastic waste.

A similar 5p charge for carrier bags has been in force in Wales for the past four years. Stores there have seen a 71 per cent fall in the number of plastic carriers used by shoppers since the charge was introduced.

In Scotland, where the 5p charge was imposed 12 months ago, the fall has been even bigger, with numbers of plastic carrier bags down by 80 per cent.