A tax investigation could cost you money… even if you’ve done nothing wrong

Fingers Crossed

The Revenue’s powerful new computer system ‘Connect’ is helping their drive to increase tax collection and the number of investigations initiated by it are growing.

Its basic job is to scour vast databanks of personal and commercial information, seeking to unearth links between individual taxpayers and businesses, income, assets and transactions.

It then matches its findings against the information the taxpayer has provided through their return. Discrepancies are flagged and could prompt a tax investigation.

Anyone can be selected for investigation – whether a business owner, director or an individual tax payer.

Unless you have the right protection and professional support in place, you could find yourself exposed and having to deal with costly business disruption, probing questions and the risk of incurring unplanned accountancy fees. Even if you are found to owe no tax at all, you will still have to pay for the professional fees incurred in handling your case.

Getting us involved at the start of an investigation is likely to increase your chances of a successful outcome.

How you can avoid this unnecessary risk?

Leonherman work with CCH Premier Protection® a tax representation insurance that will safeguard you from the risk of unplanned, costly professional fees.

Should you be selected for a tax investigation, you can relax in the knowledge that your professional fees will be covered.

The annual policy provides up to £100,000 towards our professional fees per claim resulting from an HMRC compliance check, including checks into Tax Returns, PAYE, P11D, National Insurance Contributions and VAT affairs.

We can safeguard you from the risk of unplanned expense… and help you get peace of mind