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Team building on the battle field

Last week saw some of the Leonherman team take to the battle field (those who dared). Battlefield Live is a corporate team building activity located in Knutsford. The team got split into two and set off to run around the seven … Continue reading

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Embrace change

In light of the recent Brexit decision, one thing is inevitable in business in the coming months and years and that is change. Whichever way you decided to vote, the result of the referendum means that you and your business … Continue reading

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Managing Information Overload

Today’s hyper-connected business people are bombarded with more information than ever before. We are all faced with information overload. Many businesses have tried to encourage their offices to go paperless, ourselves included. However, people still have stacks of paper, magazines, … Continue reading

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BREXIT – What are the Tax implications?

One of the main reasons that individuals voted “leave” was to restore fiscal sovereignty to the UK so that we are able to set our own laws, in particular tax law, without interference from Brussels. Significant tax changes currently require … Continue reading

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