Why choose online Accounting?

The pace of business has accelerated greatly in the last decade, we see this change reflected in the way business owners now demand real-time information about their business on the go to enable them to react to changes within their business.

The explosion of cloud accountancy within the bookkeeping software market has enabled business owners to monitor their businesses on the go via their laptops, tablets and phones and obtain a real-time view of their cash flow.

Here at Leonherman we are passionate about cloud accounting and keeping you up to date with your business information to enable you to make the most informed decisions about your business. Xero is one of the pieces of software we use to do this, its plain English terms and user friendly functionality make it a popular choice with clients too.

The main reason we have found as to why clients are hesitant to move to cloud software is the upheaval they think it will cause to their business, but it is a simple and pain free process.

But don’t take our word for it, take the advice of someone who’s been through the process:

“I trained as a Dentist for 5 years and so when I bought a dental practice in 1999 accounts, bookkeeping and accountancy were a mystery to me and I enlisted the help of a friend who helped me set up Sage accountancy software on my lap top.  It worked well and did me proud for 14 years with the purchase of a few expensive software upgrades along the way.

In 2013 Sage needed an upgrade and I had heard of cloud based accountancy and was keen to move towards something more modern.  My business had also changed, more people needed to use and look at my accounts, sending files to different people and only me able to do the bookkeeping was starting to impact on my business and personal life.

I spoke to Leonherman and they recommended Xero, I looked at it with apprehension as it would be a massive change to the way I worked.  I waited till my year end and sent my data file to Xero for conversion.  I can honestly say I would never go back.  As soon as I started using it, it was brilliant.  The bank link only took a couple of days to set up.  Hoorah! No more going through bank statements for a couple of hours every month doing the bank reconciliation looking for a couple of pounds. A couple of clicks in the morning, and the last days bank payments or deposits are reconciled.  No more sending the file to the accountants, they can look at them online and check my entries and P&L.  My business manager can also update the accounts at the same time as I do them.  Entering receipts is easy with the phone or iPad app.

The cost is also great, no big outlay for an upgrade just a monthly subscription.

The disruption to my business was minimal and the benefits are massive and probably too big to list here.

I now run 2 businesses and having them both on Xero is easy,  I can flick between them easily and use it on my iPad or laptop whilst on the move as long as I have internet connection which seems to be everywhere these days.

Xero is brilliant and the help and support from Leonherman and especially Grace has been invaluable in the changeover and also ongoing.

Keeping on top of your accounts is easy and simple and I would definitely recommend Xero. “

Ian Hunt

Director Maple Dental Care Ltd and Maple Podiatry Ltd


If you would like to know how using Xero can help your business, get in touch with us. As Leonherman are partners of Xero and can assist you to buy and use the software – call us on 0161 249 5040 or emailpartners@leonherman.co.uk