Receive a “special treat” if you join the Making Tax Digital pilot scheme


Over the past few months we have been updating our blog covering HMRC plans “Making Tax Digital”. On the 15 February we covered how this has now been delayed after HMRC agreed with the various professional bodies that if the new systems are introduced too quickly there could be a disaster.

However now to encourage 400,000 people to sign up for the “public beta” testing programme starting next month HMRC is offering a “special treat” for participants by excusing them from having to complete a Self-Assessment for 2017/18.

The Making Tax Digital programme head Theresa Middleton has said; “You’re not opting out of the self-Assessment system, but what will happen if you join the pilot is you won’t have to send us a self-assessment return for that year,” she said.

The year-long test programme will run from April and be open to volunteers, businesses and landlords.

To make the pilot representative HMRC is approaching certain groups, such as those not currently using accounting software, to encourage them to take part.

You can read the full article on AccountingWEB

If you would like to know more about how these changes will affect you or if you are interested in taking part in the pilot scheme get in touch.