Pay rises for over 2 million employees

As of yesterday 1 April 2019, the national living wage has increased by 5%, equating to £8.21 an hour for employees aged 25 and over; this compares to £7.83 an hour for the 2018-2019 rate.

The national minimum wage has also increased, benefiting around 2.1 million employees. This is an increase from £7.38 an hour to £7.70 an hour for employees aged between 21 and 24, equating to an additional £580 a year for full-time employees, and a pay rise from £5.90 an hour to £6.15 an hour for those aged between 18 and 20, providing an extra £455 a year for full-time staff in this age group.

Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer, said: “This government is dedicated to increasing the wages of the lowest paid, which is why we introduced the national living wage and have continued to increase the national minimum wage rates; benefiting millions of employees.”

“This government is committed to raising productivity performance across the income spectrum, so that the wages of the lowest paid can increase sustainably over time. While the proportion of low paid jobs is now at its lowest level for 20 years.”

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