As accountants we don’t just reside within the realm of finance, we are everywhere, from accounting for a big law firm, to advising a tiny bakery business. With so much experience in so many sectors, we have a lot to say… Take a look around!


Company directors: What is the most tax efficient way to take money out of your business?

We’re often asked by company directors as their financial year-end approaches: “How can I take money out of my business in the most tax efficient way?” The answer is: it depends! In this article, we outline each option – salary and expenses, as a dividend, and to an extent, as a director’s loan – along with the personal tax and corporation tax implications of each option.

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Autumn Statement 2023: Full Expensing Regime Made Permanent

In the Autumn Statement 2023, the Chancellor announced that the full expensing regime has now been made permanent. This is positive news for some businesses and should promote investment. Here are the details. If you are unsure about what allowances your business is entitled to, contact us to make sure you get the full allowances to which you are entitled.

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Associated Companies

1st April 2023: Corporation Tax Rise and Associated Companies Rules

From 1st April 2023, due to the rise in corporation tax, and because marginal relief will start at the relatively low limit of £50,000, a significant number of small businesses could now be impacted by associated companies rules. Here we answer frequently asked questions about the rules and outline what you should do now.

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Why a scalable business is worth more to a prospective buyer

When the time comes to sell your business, one of the key things a buyer will be looking for is whether your business is scalable. If you can prove it is scalable, that profit margins will continue to increase over time, the valuation multiple will be higher and the more the potential buyer will be willing to pay.

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