As accountants we don’t just reside within the realm of finance, we are everywhere, from accounting for a big law firm, to advising a tiny bakery business. With so much experience in so many sectors, we have a lot to say… Take a look around!

Using management information in a board meeting

What does good management information look like?

The businesses that will thrive in the year ahead will be those who understand every aspect of their business and finances, as close to real-time as possible, so it’s critical you have management information that is accurate, timely, relevant and visible.

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What are service charge accounts?

Service charge accounts can be a complex part of property management. There is a lot to consider and they have become a bone of contention between leaseholders and freeholders or landlords and tenants in the past.

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Celebrating National Women’s Day

Seeing as most people are enjoying their weekends tomorrow, we’re celebrating National Women’s Day today with a special shout out to a few of our hard-working women working and thriving at Leonherman!

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Does your accountant “work” for you?

A good accountant will offer you the services you need to be compliant, but a great accountant will proactively offer you support to develop and grow. Accountants have a wealth of business experience that businesses should take advantage of.

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The 80/20 rule – How can it work for you?

The Pareto principle also known as the 80–20 rule, Management consultant Joseph M. Juran suggested the principle and named it after Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto who, while at the University of Lausanne in 1896, he published his first paper “Cours d’économie politique.”

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New Year, New Plan

The New Year is a great time to sit down and reflect on the past year and consider your plans for the year ahead, take stock of what has worked and what has not. You may have a business plan, but when did you last review it? Are you on target to achieve your goals or is it time to set new ones?

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A message from Jerry!

It has been an exciting time here at Leonherman as we have successfully completed the management buyout, but we have even more exciting times ahead as we draw to the end of 2019.

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When is a van not a van?

HMRC are being urged to provide clarity and consistency on the tax treatment of commercial vehicles such as VW Kombi Vans marketed as goods vehicles.

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Information overload leads to bias decision making

Most people these days have too much information and not enough time. We don’t have the time to weigh up every facet of every decision. This tends to encourage us to take shortcuts where we can, meaning we often go into a meeting or a negotiation with an idea as to what the outcome might be.

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