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Your business is primed to take the next steps toward success.

Our focus is in providing visibility on your business performance and the strategy to take your business to where you want to go.

What’s your next move?

from start to finish and beyond...

Our Business Advisory Services are about providing a structured, plain speaking strategy that takes your business from start to finish and beyond…

And when it comes to Business Advice, our team have the sharpest eyes for assessing business strengths and weaknesses; we also bring a wealth of contacts and opportunity to the table.

Plainly speaking: We know you’re looking for sector leading advice to help improve your business and maximise performance. We also know you’re tired of advisers that make your life more complicated and keep you guessing at every turn.

That’s not us.

Our transparency is always a promise, and your vision for your business is always respected.


WITH lead SPECIALIST, jerry scriven

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You want a business adviser who can help you navigate the future?

We shape the future around you.

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Leonherman are true experts in the advisory field, having a keen focus on forward planning, enabling me to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Benjamin Patmore

Director – Isum Limited


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