How to Raise Finance for Your Business – A Guide for Business Owners and Directors

A free guide for Business Owners and Directors by our Corporate Finance experts which outlines how to raise finance, the different options available, and the advantages and disadvantages of each funding option.

There are many reasons why your business might need to raise finance. It could be to fund your growth strategy, to acquire another business, to develop new products or services, or to purchase new equipment and machinery.

It could be to cover operating costs and expenses, to cover an impending cashflow shortfall, or to help you build a safety net for unexpected scenarios.

Or it could be to provide liquidity for shareholders.

Whatever your reason for raising finance, there are many funding routes available to you, and the option you choose will depend on your specific needs and circumstances.

In this guide we outline what you need to consider when searching for funding, the different financing options available and the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.

Contents: How to Raise Finance for Your Business

How to Raise Finance for Your Business
  • Key Points You Need to Consider When Raising Finance
  • The Key Role of Financial Modelling, Reporting & Governance
  • Debt Financing Options
    • Term Loans
    • Line of Credit
    • Invoice Financing
    • Equipment Financing
    • Asset-Based Lending
    • Mini-Bonds
  • Equity Financing Options
    • Institutional Investor
    • Angel Investor
    • Venture Capital
    • Private Equity
    • Initial Public Offering (IPO)
    • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

Download: How to Raise Finance for Your Business

Do you need to raise finance? Contact our Corporate Finance Team

If you’re looking to raise finance for your business then our advisors can help you to choose the best option for your business and circumstances.

Our team of corporate finance advisors, led by Jerry Scriven, regularly help business owners with business planning, financial reporting, fundraising, management reporting and valuations and we’d be delighted to have a conversation with you to find out about your specific needs and ambitions.

On the other hand, if you are an investor or lender and you are looking for a trusted advisor to undertake due diligence, valuations, or other advisory work before and after a finance deal, then we would be delighted to speak with you too.

Contact our Corporate Finance team on 0161 249 5040 or email

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