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At Leonherman, we take a very different approach to R&D tax credits. We help clients to look forward instead of simply looking back.

And we support business owners to better understand how adopting research & development, as a key pillar of an integrated commercial strategy, can be game changing for their business.


Commonly misunderstood, R&D Tax Credits are not simply a source of funding for companies employing people in white coats, working in laboratories. 

They remain a valuable government incentive to increase the value of your business, largely irrespective of industrial sector. 

At Leonherman, our approach to R&D Tax Credits contrasts with that of most advisory firms: 

We help clients look forward instead of simply looking back.

With a team offering decades of experience in supporting businesses with R&D, Leonherman helps clients to realise new competitive advantages that deliver growth, while leveraging best practices that typically enhance both productivity and profitability. 

Businesses of all sizes can benefit, with both investment readiness and shareholder value positively impacted. 

Best of all, the costs of delivery can commonly be met from R&D Tax Credits, using the scheme as it was intended. Namely, a means to grow your business with the associated risk underwritten by the UK government.


Are you planning an innovation project in your business? Talk to an R&D specialist today to discuss your eligibility and to find out how our track record of success and our unique approach towards R&D Tax Credits can benefit your business.

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R&D Tax Credits: - Fuel Your Growth

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The benefits of R&D Tax credits with Leonherman

R&D tax credits are a valuable source of cash for businesses to invest in accelerating their innovation, but crucially, they can also be the catalyst for:

We have an enviable rate of success for our clients in delivering successful R&D claims, with some awards hitting six figures. 

And we are regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, so we are used to operating under regulatory scrutiny and with the levels of accountability that will now be found in the R&D tax credit market following recent changes.

If you need help submitting an R&D claim, you can leverage our experience of working in a regulated environment and rest assured that your R&D claim will go forward with confidence and responsibility.

So if you’re planning an innovation project, book a free consultation with one of our R&D tax credits experts today. 

We’ll discuss your eligibility, how much R&D tax credits might be worth to your business, and outline our unique, growth-boosting, forward-looking approach towards R&D tax credits.

I am involved in multiple businesses with complex and challenging needs and have high expectations from my professional services providers. 

I chose Leonherman based on their solid reputation and haven’t been disappointed.

Benjamin Patmore – Director

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